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Includes Wrinkles, Lips, Fat Melting, Anti-Aging, Skin Rejuvination



Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in our skin but unfortunately levels dip as we age, and less of it is produced. The positive is the body is constantly making and absorbing it, just not as much of it as it once did. This degenerative effect reduces structure and volume from the face, causing wrinkles and folds to become more pronounced. Just like the collagen loss, when hyaluronic acid levels drop, the skin has less support. The purpose of the course is to enable aesthetic technician to be able to deliver Hyaluronic acid using the new one and revolutionary method of atomizing through water Mesotherapy. To achieve this the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skin and face will be studied to underpin all practical training facilitated at Beauty Ink and will result in fully accredited certification.

Entry Requirements: To meet the minimum requirement for enrollment, students must have completed the equivalent aesthetician or skin care course, cosmetologist, Permanent Makeup License holder, or in the beauty industry.

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Course Theory Components: 

  • Learn about Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin and signs of ageing
  • Troubleshooting HA treatments
  • Pre and post treatment protocols
  • Hyaluronic pen Techniques
  • Pain management protocols
  • Health and hygiene systems
  • Client consultation protocols (medical history & client consent)
  • Managing expectations and complains procedure
  • Infectious Control and Sharps management
  • Practice using Live models
  • Learn about fat melting ampules to loose fat on those stubborn areas
  • Learn techniques to tighten the skin on the body
  • Pre and post treatment protocols
  • Technique, hands on live model practice


  • Starter kit device included.
  • Hyaluronic vials
  • Ampulles.


Upon completing required live models, students will receive Certificate of Completion.


  • A $500 non-refundable course deposit is required
  • Your $500 deposit will be applied toward your final balance – due on the 1st day of class. Final balance must be paid in full. We accept cash or credit.​
  • You can also cancel the total cost of the Course with 14 day notice.

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