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3-Day Intermediate Areola Repigmentation and Scar Camouflage Course

Take your paramedical tattooing skills to the next level

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3-Day Intermediate Areola Repigmentation and Scar Camouflage Course

In this intermediate paramedical tattooing course, PMU artists will learn how to create the perfect areola, from color choice to placement and size. Upon completion of this intermediate course, you’ll be skilled in the newest type of plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures!

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Tuition: $3,850 | Deposit: $577.50 | Seats: 4

Program includes in-class training

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Technical Application* On:

  • How to Create Realistic Tattoos
  • How to Analyze and Create All Skin Colors (Fitzpatrick Scale)
  • Tattoo Art: 3D Effect, Pointillism, Color Illusion, and Blending
  • Male Areolas
  • Pigmentation on Patients with Breast Implants
  • Color Formulas Used in Areola Repigmentation and CPC
  • Consultation, Documentation, and Medical Records
  • Follow-Up Procedures
  • Live Model Practice

Class Curriculum:

  • Overview of All Skin Colors
  • Anatomy of Breasts and Breast Structure
  • Review of Basic Issues, Procedures, and Surgical Procedures
  • Technical Application* of Permanent Cosmetic Makeup
  • Medical Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
  • Observe Procedures
  • Pre- and Post-Procedure Care

Included With Your Tuition:

  • Professional Kit
  • Certification will be provided to those who successfully complete hands-on training and any needed models

Registration Requirements for Intermediate Areola Repigmentation and Scar Camouflage Course:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must complete Bloodborne Pathogen Certification
  • Must be up-to-date on vaccines (proof of vaccination required)
  • Must have Tattoo Liability Insurance
  • Must have completed our Basic Areola Repigmentation Course (at most six months prior)
  • Must show proof of completion of a Fundamental Permanent Makeup Course
  • Must attain a body-art license to practice on live models during training
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