The hyaluronic pen supplies Nano-scale tiny units of hyaluronic acid filler through to the skin under some pressure insertion without the use of a needle. It is a procedure that adds some volume onto the lips, aids in the reduction of the wrinkles of nasolabial wrinkles and improve the facial contours. This is the quickest and nearly painless process which will bring balanced customs.

The “Hyaluron Pen Training” offered here is a broad 1- day course which includes a student kit and a pen. This is after registration.

Our main aim is to make our trainees to be prepared self-confidently to offer this treatment immediately after we train and certify them on the program. Our preparations here are aimed at, with scholar’s success in mind.

After a successful accomplishment of this training program, our students should feel prepared, confident and excited to start offering this service. We provide the right set of scales of applied theory and hands-on practice whereby our trainees gain knowledge on how to attain the grade A results for Lip augmentations and skin plunk down together with wrinkle reduction. We offer training on the following areas; lips, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial lines, and marionette lines.

The “Hyaluronic pen training” deals with the Hyaluron pen, completely safe, it is the best treatment you can have simply because there are no needles, neither any injections to the body nor pains. It just provides lip augmentations with absolutely zero pain involved. Hyaluron pen is simply an invention of a technique which deposits Hyaluronic Acid on the skin to the epidermal and the upper dermal layers of the skin with no injections required. This treatment is best for those clients who cannot do or are just uncomfortable with the needle, it is a pain-free treatment, takes a little time, less invasive and allows customers to fill their lips and wrinkles together with fine lines.

This Hyaluron pen uses the pressure technology, in that the pen works under a pressure which causes the Hyaluronic Acid to change from an acid into Nanoscale molecules and supplements the Hyaluronic acid to fill out a whole through the skin. It flows through a small diameter, just 0.17mm. This technique uses a mixture of Hyaluronic acid which is the most hydrating constituent, a natural sugar present in a person’s body. It supplements the skin tissue with enough moisture levels which makes the human body to create a chemical naturally thus makes it impossible for the body to have an allergic reaction to this Hyaluronic Acid treatment. The role of this Hyaluronic acid in the body is generally to keep ones’ skin hydrated, maintain its look that is the youthful look and maintains its moisture Just as it is. With time the body losses it’s Hyaluronic Acid production thus collagen fibers dry up becoming thinner which will make the skin look dull and have a dehydrated look. This affects the skin in the direction of sagging and forming wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid is the main structural element of connective tissue.

The Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in one’s skin but the issue with it is that its levels go down as one age, and the production of it goes down. The good thing is that the body continuously makes and absorbs the Hyaluronic Acid, but not as much as it previously did that. The effect of the body generating less Hyaluronic acid reduces the volume together with structure from the face, which causes folds and the wrinkles from the face to be seen. The wrinkles and folds were there at first but less production of this makes them be more pronounced. When the Hyaluronic acid levels drop down, the skin will definitely have less support. The main aim of this “Hyarulonic pen training” is to assist aesthetic technician have the ability to supplement Hyaluronic acid through the use of an innovative technique of atomizing over and done with water Mesotherapy. To attain this the academic knowledge with an understanding of the structure and functioning of the skin with the face will be covered to reinforce all applied training offered at our company and the outcome will be full accreditations.

Down here is a breakdown of what the course covers

  • The Course Theory
  • Anatomy of the skin and lips
  • Shaping the lips
  • Fillers
  • Safety and guidelines to the Hyaluronic Acid application
  • Procedures in using the products
  • Hyaluron Pen application
  • Consultations

If your intention is either to lessen the wrinkles or make your lips bigger by increasing it in size, Having Hyaluron treatment is the best. This training program is designed to produce real scholars with just success in their minds, nothing more. The training is intended to let go of our students with the confidence of providing the hyaluronic pen service immediately after the completion of the course. Having students with the right mindset, they are going to achieve better results for lip augmentations and skin plumping together with wrinkle reduction.

The requirements for “Hyaluronic pen training” are a fee to register, fund and also secure you a training spot, a starter kit device and a student need to complete the equivalent aesthetic and skin care programs.

We will be monitoring our students to check on their progress and to ensure continued success


The advantage of this Hyaluron Pen application is that the results last for 4-7months and doesn’t need a doctor or a nurse since it doesn’t require any needle technique. Hyaluron Pen introduces the fillers onto the skin with the use of pressure which then spreads through to the Epidermis and the Dermis. The other good thing with Hyaluron Pen is that it doesn’t offer any risk of blockage to the vessels since it just inserts the Hyaluronic acid right to the top dermal layers of the skin, thus the risk of causing any puncture to the skin is null as there is no use of sharp needles. Finally, the major advantage is that the treatment is insurable.