Making a choice in anything is not a simple thing one is going to rush in without accessing all required knowledge about the things they intend to choose between. Getting the accurate knowledge that will give you a clear comparison is all you need especially if the choice you want to make is concerning your health or just your body. It can be very hard to replace body organs hence when making a choice that will affect the body, you need to be very careful, information is power, once you get it you are good to go.

Both hyaluronic pen and needle fillers perform the very same function and that is to induce the hyaluronic acid into the skin, however, these two tools have a different working formula which they use and still arrive at the same results. There are a few factors that differentiate the two tools; they can be differentiated by;

  1. safety

Safety is very important when it comes to client preferences; I mean who would risk their safety for a treatment? You can just be taken care of but when you finish you develop a complication because of the method used in the treatment, safety should be the number one priority.

In this case if you try to compare the safety of these two tools, you will definitely discover that hyaluronic pen treatment is the safest of both, in this process of treatment there is nothing related to piercing the flesh which may ruin the skin, unlike what happens with the injection fillers. Pushing needles in the most sensitive parts of the body like lips and the face can be very dangerous especially if by mistake it goes wrong. The needles will always leave bruises and it can also lead to some defects in blood vessels.

When it comes to safety, you should consider hyaluronic pen treatment over the needle filler treatment, however safety will be guaranteed if the handler has the right information about the whole process, you should always inquire if your handle has the hyaluronic pen training.

  1. Pain

We all like better things, better feeling and things that do not inflict pain in our bodies, which is human nature. This is the reason some people go to an extent of even failing to go to hospitals when they are sick because of the painful process of treatment. Injections are the most feared of all kinds of treatment. When it comes to comparing the two methods of treatment according to how painful the process can be, then you can comfortably note that hyaluronic pen treatment takes the day because it is less painful, this process doesn’t involve any injection into the skin rather it is the pressure that induces the hyaluronic acid into the body. When it comes to the injection filler process it can be quite painful to take it, you can’t imagine piercing needles to your lip or to your face. This is what scares most people to attempt the process. So when it comes to choosing a painless method then hyaluronic pen treatment will be the best especially when the person handling you has hyaluronic pen training.

  1. Simplicity

When you get involved in any process you would prefer that it becomes as simple as possible. Complicate processes can be very risky sometimes; just one push of a button is all people need.

When you come to make a comparison between the hyaluronic pen treatment and needle filler method you will realize that hyaluronic pen method is very simple, this method does not involve a lot of things getting in contact with the skin to induce the hyaluronic acid, it only uses high pressure which will force the acid to penetrate the skin, that is all! Just that simple! When you compare it with needle filler method you will realize that the needle filler method is more complicated in its processes especially when it comes to pushing needles inside the skin before you induce the hyaluronic acid, it is a bit complicated.

So when we make a comparison between these two methods in term of simplicity or complexity, you will realize that the hyaluronic pen method is simpler compared to needle filler method.

  1. Health

Whatever thing you do you will always put your health first and so when you want to make a choice between any two things you have to compare the repercussions both things will have on health first, why should you get involved in a process which threatens your health?

When we try to compare these two processes according to their health implications on human being, you will realize that hyaluronic takes the day, this process doesn’t involve anything that gets into deep contact with your body this makes it much healthier than the needle filler process, however this needs a person with hyaluronic pen training to deal with it, the needle filler method involves piercing like we have said before, these needles can lead to health hazards just in case they temper with those very tiny blood vessels, they might bleed out and causes blood blockages which is very dangerous. So when you compare the methods basing on health grounds then you can easily go for hyaluronic pen method.

In conclusion there is quite a lot you can use to make comparison between these two methods. The end results of the process is very important but what is the most important is the process used to reach to those results, you can as well get the results and later develop another problem because the procedure used to achieve the results wasn’t very friendly. Finally make sure whoever is attending to you is qualified to do so, if you are using hyaluronic pen method then they need to have taken hyaluronic pen training and when using the needle filler method just make sure they have the certification of that treatment to make sure you are not taking a risk.