Lips augmentation has turned out to be regular in the magnificence ventures among women. Everybody needs to look the manner in which they need or the manner in which they accept for reasons of demonstrable skill. Our meaning of magnificence is effectively impacted and dynamic giving the excellence business unending chances to enhance. This is a major industry that is by a long shot capable and willing to take into account its clients’ needs and wants. It isn’t shaken by financial downturns and even desires for more expansions. A couple of years back, beauty patterns were set by celebrities and beauty symbols through their brand endorsements. However, those years are no more. These days, social media is the new trailblazer because it contains a regularly streaming snippet of data and conclusions from companions and the strangers inside our scope.

This craving to look great has prompted the development of the Hyaluron pen. It is another and safe strategy that centers around the lips. Through this development, Hyaluronic acid is injected into the upper dermal and the epidermal layers of the skin. One thing about this outstanding feature of this invention is that no pain is felt during the procedure as there is no utilization of conventional needles making it perfect for customers who are uncomfortable with needle pains. It is a treatment that is quick and less-intrusive making the customers’ lips unwrinkled, fine-lined, succulent and full of life.


The idea that drove the invention

Hyaluronic acid is a characteristic sugar delivered in the body that is in charge of hydration of the skin tissue. It furnishes the skin with adequate and satisfactory dampness levels making it stout and hydrated. Since this uncommon sugar is delivered by the body, it is unimaginable to expect to develop an allergic response towards this kind of treatment. The higher levels of Hyaluronic acid in the skin, the more succulent and young our skin shows up.

With age, notwithstanding, our bodies discharge a lot lesser amount of Collagen strands and Hyaluronic corrosive. These strands end up diminishing giving our skin a dried out and a dull look. With less production of Hyaluronic acid, the skin can’t hold water and pull in dampness prompting the lack of hydration of the skin, in this way, making it less supple. Through this procedure, the skin begins drying and wrinkles begin to form giving it an undesired look. This is the key reason for the development of this innovation. As soon as Hyaluronic acid is infused into the skin tissue, it restores the collagen activity giving it a more youthful, succulent and a fresher impact.



Aided by the use of pressure technology, Hyaluron pen utilizes pressure to transform Hyaluronic acid into Nano Scale particles and the Hyaluronic acid filler can infiltrate through the skin. Its distance across is moderately 0.17 mm, that is, twice littler the measure of the littlest needle of insulin. It is, along with these modifications that make it appropriate for the production of shape, volume and lift in the lips. Treatment with this clever strategy incorporates nasolabial lines, lips, 11 lines, doll lines, and lips. In addition, it is absolutely perfect for lip lifts and decrease of wrinkles.

Treatment with the Hyaluronic pen is protected and there are no dangers required notwithstanding the technique being new. Going for the papillary layer of the dermis with an additional superficial area, the Hyaluronic acid is associated with absolutely no danger of impediment with no sharp tips that could cut fundamental veins. This makes it the most non-obtrusive technique that gives the lips the desirable look with totally no agony all the while.

An appropriate Hyaluronic Pen Training integrates the correct amount of information and practice to draw the best skin lifting and lip growth impacts for the clients. The best professionals will demonstrate to you the appropriate and required procedures for applying Hyaluronic corrosive so as to accomplish the most ideal outcomes.

Hyaluronic Pen Training is however costly with the costs extending between $1400 to $2400. During enrolment, the student is required to have achieved the professional feel, full authority, healthy skin, and Medical Esthetics.

The program covers:

  • Machine hypothesis
  • Needle use and size
  • Skin life systems
  • Life systems of the lips
  • Lips growth
  • Security and guidelines
  • Counteracting contamination and control
  • Aftercare
  • Precautionary measure and conventions
  • Utilizing the items
  • Meeting and Examination

A starter pack is additionally mandatory while enlisting for Hyaluronic Pen Training. Its contents are:

  • A standard Hyaluron pen model
  • Five bits of filler cases
  • Practicing filler with the standard measurements
  • A syringe essential for the exchange of the training filler

The course practice incorporates the accompanying:

  • Included models
  • Setting up a workstation
  • Well-ordered directions and exhibitions
  • Perception
  • The understudy will also be required to rehearse on the model.
  • A careful revision of the strategies prior visited
  • Careful practice
  • Accreditation of the student
  • Affirmation

The right measure of instruction, the aptitude of the professional and the nature of the kits being used will create the best outcomes. An all-rounded Hyaluronic Pen Training will give data on the face anatomy, lip molding and even well-guided directions on creating the most stunning outcomes. To accomplish this, it requires academic data on the cognizance of the structure and working of the skin and the face. This will be secured at any authorized association and the outcome will be full accreditations.



The principal point of this program is to make the learners readied and fearless so as to offer this special treatment. The arrangements are gone for, with the scholar’s success in mind. After a powerful accomplishment of this program, the understudies should feel prepared, certain and anxious to start offering this treatment. They ought to be given the correct knowledge and hands-on training whereby the students gain a lot during learning and become the most accomplished professionals to accomplish this evaluation.